Female virginity..

# Female Virginity – A Question On Girls’ Morality – Youth Blog of India – “Are you pure?”
asked the guy who came to see Seema for marriage. “Pure????” Seema couldn’t get his question. “Pure as in untouched?” he clarified. Seema now understood what he wanted to ask. “What are you looking for a girl to marry or ghee?” she replied agitated by such a question. He was shocked at such a reply, but before he could say anything. Seema continued, “Well you can say if there was an exam about ‘purity’ I wouldn’t top it!” His family left. Next day he rang up Seema’s dad and told him that he cannot marry Seema as she is a girl with low morals. Bang on!
Welcome to the progressive India where we claim to be modern people but still make Virginity a base to check a girl’s morals or her capability to become a good wife. Today when we claim that women have an equal status in the society with that of men, we still are under the orthodox views of using a white bed sheet on the first night of marriage just to check the bride’s virginity!!! The guy may himself have slept with number of girls but he wants a “pure”, “untouched” girl as a wife. Why? Answer- just to satisfy his male ego that the girl he is going to spend his life with has been and will be only his “possession”. If today a girl loses her virginity with a guy she loves truly but the guy turns out to be a cheat then she is tagged as a “slut”, “characterless girl” ; MIND YOU these being the most decent words I can pen down ,else there are a million more worse words in our mother tongue vocabulary. I ask what is the mistake of the girl? She loved a guy?
She slept with someone she thought she would marry? Or, she now has lost her purity which would satisfy her to-be husband’s male ego and make him believe that she is fit to be his wife! And again no answers I could get! I completely support the fact that we Indians should not give up on our morals and accept everything that westernisation gives us but I wonder how can a biological wall in the girl’s body by breaking decide the level of her morals? I mean Seema could have been a great wife, she was marrying the guy her parents chose, maybe she had a bad past. But all that was seen was that she wasn’t pure! L And I am forced to wonder that what would happen to those rape victims? Who would marry those girls? Moreover a girl from a sports background, has always been told by those orthodox distant relatives to Quit it, why? because playing may result in breakage of the “moral wall”!! ” “Urggghhh “, that’s what I have always thought after hearing that!! Yes, I am also a girl, an Indian girl, who values her morals, for whom her “izzat” is priceless, who has always dreamt of her “raajkumar” coming on a white horse to marry her, and who has always planned her wedding dress! But I am also a girl who belongs to the globalised world, interacts with the opposite sex, loves, has break ups, overcomes them and smiles again and no one has a right to tag me any thing for that reason! I just request you that next time you go looking for a girl for marriage, search for a true heart and not something like “pure ghee”, because she ‘s gonna be your life partner and not your meal to satisfy your hunger of ego. When you look at a beautiful girl coming dressed in a red lehanga leaving her world behind, to become a part of your world, accept her, make her life a bed of roses rather than testing her loyalty by making her lay down on a bed with white bed sheet because true love will make marriage successful, her “purity” won’t…….!! 😕


Every Eight Minutes, a Girl Disappears in India

A girl is reported missing every eight minutes in India. Approximately 16 million girl children are believed to have been trafficked into the sex trade.
Internationally, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), in a 2014 report says that the world earns $150.2 billion annually just from human trafficking.
This number equates with the combined annual revenues of Google, Ebay and Amazon. In fact, profits from human trafficking have more than tripled over the past 10 years.
The sheer magnitude of these alarming numbers raises some questions – are we really civilised? Could there be a more potent form of savagery?
While the idea of the sale of human beings in the ‘modern’ 21st century is analogous to barbarism, most of us are probably oblivious to the fact that human trafficking is a global issue.
On a dispassionate, pragmatic level, the lure of becoming a trafficker is the potential of colossal earnings in a context of impunity.
In India, the Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act, 1956 outlaws human trafficking. Changes in 1986 saw the Act being renamed the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act.
The amended Act pertains to trafficking in relation to prostitution, excluding trafficking for other purposes including child labour, organ harvesting and domestic slavery.
But the steady rise in the trafficking of girls bears evidence that this Act has been more cursory than effectual. This lends an urgency to community-based projects to highlight the issue.

What have they done for this?? By they I mean the government. The more they are thinking the more intense the crime is getting. Thinking about those girls I feel ashamed to be a part of the world who cannot assure protection to its citizens. Why isn’t the crime rate getting lower? If it isn’t that means we are not doing enough. We need to work more on it.

Being A Girl..

Hello People! What does it feel being a girl? The purpose of me writing this blog is that I want to reach to all the people in the world to discuss my thought with them because I know that what I have in mind is correct but people around me would not understand if I would just blah myself out in front of them.

So back to my question.. How does it feel to be girl? Honestly i feel happy and proud that i have the ability to sooth everyone around me with a smile and with a nice touch just expressing that I can understand what you feel. But sometimes I feel to an extent VULNERABLE. Yes! I mean what I say. Vulnerable is the word for me. I don’t know all of you guys reading this would feel the same or not. But I feel like that. Let me tell you why. Going out on a lonely road at night with the expectation of some boys attacking and raping me that is the feeling I have Or sitting on a rickshaw with the thought what will happen if the rickshaw would stop at a far flung place and the person would attempt to rape me. Have these men ever thought how does it feel to be in such a fear of loosing your peace and happiness?

Today we girls are the people who have to follow rules just because we were born to compromise. First for our safety, then for our parents reputation in the society, and then for our husband. All these men carry their ego and do whatever they want to do. It is a woman who has to compromise all her desires and freedom just to stay at peace with the people around her. I belong to a family who has the thought that girls shouldn’t be so bold and straightforward. They always stop me from giving all these type of statements out in the open. I guess I am completely done with all this shit. Now I can’t restrain myself anymore. I want to go out and tell everybody what I feel for this society with goddamn rules, to all those men out there who don’t know how to respect a girl, to all those dumb aunties who characterize us on what we wear.

Girls….no one is going to come for us or help us not even this Government (who are not able to decide to hang a person for raping a girl or not). There are so many cases of girls being raped everyday. What is our mistake that we have to suffer all these hardships? Why do we have to hold back ourselves and have to think twice before wearing something just keeping in mind all those dumbass people out there who would get excited on seeing us?

Have you men ever thought how much fear we go through when we don’t feel protected? How does a girl feel when he has to pass through a bunch of boys whistling at her? It feels like hell.

God made us beautiful creatures and that should have been a boon for us but sadly it has become a bane. We have to under dress ourselves so that we don’t “EXCITE” men. If these men get interrupted even once by there parents for there actions they become like really angry. Have u ever felt what does it feel to be told what to wear, how to talk, how to restrain our thoughts, how to hold back our desires and dreams? Because of few dumbass men out there we have to sit back in our homes and kill our desires because we no more feel safe in this goddamn world. We girls have a chance of being raped because our dress provokes MEN. That doesn’t even make sense. If that is allowed then I also should be allowed to kick your face because your stupidity provokes me too!!

I would conclude by saying Girls…its better we stand for ourselves because if we don’t then this society topped with these shameful men will eat us and then nothing will be left for us.