Being A Girl..

Hello People! What does it feel being a girl? The purpose of me writing this blog is that I want to reach to all the people in the world to discuss my thought with them because I know that what I have in mind is correct but people around me would not understand if I would just blah myself out in front of them.

So back to my question.. How does it feel to be girl? Honestly i feel happy and proud that i have the ability to sooth everyone around me with a smile and with a nice touch just expressing that I can understand what you feel. But sometimes I feel to an extent VULNERABLE. Yes! I mean what I say. Vulnerable is the word for me. I don’t know all of you guys reading this would feel the same or not. But I feel like that. Let me tell you why. Going out on a lonely road at night with the expectation of some boys attacking and raping me that is the feeling I have Or sitting on a rickshaw with the thought what will happen if the rickshaw would stop at a far flung place and the person would attempt to rape me. Have these men ever thought how does it feel to be in such a fear of loosing your peace and happiness?

Today we girls are the people who have to follow rules just because we were born to compromise. First for our safety, then for our parents reputation in the society, and then for our husband. All these men carry their ego and do whatever they want to do. It is a woman who has to compromise all her desires and freedom just to stay at peace with the people around her. I belong to a family who has the thought that girls shouldn’t be so bold and straightforward. They always stop me from giving all these type of statements out in the open. I guess I am completely done with all this shit. Now I can’t restrain myself anymore. I want to go out and tell everybody what I feel for this society with goddamn rules, to all those men out there who don’t know how to respect a girl, to all those dumb aunties who characterize us on what we wear.

Girls….no one is going to come for us or help us not even this Government (who are not able to decide to hang a person for raping a girl or not). There are so many cases of girls being raped everyday. What is our mistake that we have to suffer all these hardships? Why do we have to hold back ourselves and have to think twice before wearing something just keeping in mind all those dumbass people out there who would get excited on seeing us?

Have you men ever thought how much fear we go through when we don’t feel protected? How does a girl feel when he has to pass through a bunch of boys whistling at her? It feels like hell.

God made us beautiful creatures and that should have been a boon for us but sadly it has become a bane. We have to under dress ourselves so that we don’t “EXCITE” men. If these men get interrupted even once by there parents for there actions they become like really angry. Have u ever felt what does it feel to be told what to wear, how to talk, how to restrain our thoughts, how to hold back our desires and dreams? Because of few dumbass men out there we have to sit back in our homes and kill our desires because we no more feel safe in this goddamn world. We girls have a chance of being raped because our dress provokes MEN. That doesn’t even make sense. If that is allowed then I also should be allowed to kick your face because your stupidity provokes me too!!

I would conclude by saying Girls…its better we stand for ourselves because if we don’t then this society topped with these shameful men will eat us and then nothing will be left for us.


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